Super Easy Lettering Style Tutorial: Multiple Line

Sometimes you just need an easy lettering style that doesn’t take much time or skill, and doesn’t require any special pens.

That’s where this “multiple line” style comes in.

Even if you’ve never done calligraphy or hand lettering in your life, you can create this easy-peasy letter style! All you need is a regular pen and some basic writing.

Watch the video tutorial below:

EASY lettering style anyone can do

I call it the Multiple Line style because you literally just draw multiple lines to build up a letter for a somewhat messy but fun look.

This is in fact hand lettering, since the letters are drawn by hand.

If you prefer reading, keep scrolling to learn how to create this super-easy style!

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multiple line lettering style

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What you’ll need

The Multiple Line style can be done with any pen and paper.

I enjoy using gel pens like Sakura Gelly Roll pens or Paper Mate InkJoy gel pens, but you can truly do this with any pen you have.

You can also use drawing pens like Tombow MONO drawing pens if you prefer.

For paper, use any paper that works well with the pen you’re using. Again, no fancy supplies needed!

Step 1: Write your letters

The first step is to write your letters like usual, but make sure to leave some room between each letter.

You can write block letters or script/cursive letters, whatever you choose.

step 1: write the letters

Step 2: Draw additional lines

Once you have drawn the frame of each letter, the next step is to draw additional lines to build on that frame.

step 2: add additional lines

Trace over the letters multiple times, adding a little more thickness each time, until you’re satisfied with how everything is filled in.

This style can be as messy or as clean as you like. For a messier look, go a little faster or draw looser lines.

For a cleaner look, go slower and be intentional about where you draw each additional line.

I like to make the lines a bit looser as I trace over the letters at first, and then as they get filled in, I’ll slow down and be more intentional about where I add lines.

As you build up the letters, the lines will vary in thickness. If you’re a calligrapher like me, you can choose to make the downstrokes thicker and leave the upstrokes thinner, but this style looks great either way!

step 3: clean up edges

To finish off this scribbly style, clean up any areas that are a little too messy by smoothing out the edges with your pen.

You could also take it a step further and color in the lettering or customize it however you want.

I can see this style being used to create wood-like letters, maybe with added knots or branches here and there!

(If you watched the video above, you can see me try this. It turned out so cute!)

Below is an example of the Multiple Line style with regular handwriting in a mix of print and cursive.

handwriting examples

Make sure to write a little bigger than usual and leave some extra space between the letters to allow room for building up the lines.

turning handwriting into hand lettering

The style also looks great with simple block letters, as shown below.

You can leave the ends messy or clean them up so it looks neater.

block letters
block letters with the "multiple line" lettering style

And there you go! A quick and easy lettering style for when you need something a little more special than regular handwriting.

Ways to use this lettering style

Here are a few ways I like to use the Multiple Line style:

  • Bullet journaling – It’s perfect for a slightly fancier letter style in your bullet journal!
  • Taking notes – Try using this style to dress up your note taking.
  • Any kind of journaling – Whether it’s Bible journaling, art journaling, or personal journaling, this easy style is great for headings or highlighting important points.
  • Envelopes, cards, gift tags, etc. – You can really use this style anywhere you need some simple hand lettering to make it extra special.
  • Lettering compositions – The Multiple Line style is a perfect addition to your collection of lettering styles to use in compositions. Sometimes you need a playful or “messier” look and this style is a simple way to achieve just that.

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hand lettered quote

I hope you give this quick lettering style a try and have fun with it!

Even though I do brush calligraphy, I still come back to the Multiple Line style whenever I need something simple or if I don’t have a brush pen handy.

If you do try this style, tag @byheidigrace on Instagram so I can see!

the easiest lettering style
super easy lettering style you can do in minutes


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